Keeping a journal alive

Updated: Jan 27

When I was little, I wanted to have a journal so I can write whatever happens in my mind, but I felt as if I have never done it right, so I just destroyed them As I got older, the thought of keeping one faded from my mind, till one day I felt like I really needed to write one ,properly because many thoughts were occupying my mind So I began to write randomly, and I felt great! which motivated me to continue writing to this day What are you feeling today ? what did you do today ? What are you grateful for today ? I sit and write everything I feel or anything i think about, there is no right or wrong and to be honest with you, I've never felt that close to myself, which is why I wish everyone would start writing about whatever they thinking about.

Doing that would make you feel that you’re talking to your closest self, encouraging you to accept that self even more an acceptance similar to that of a really close friend we always hear or read about self-love, but I'm kinda sure that a lot of people are like me, our knowledge of self-love is foggy, we never understood it clearly, and we have a lot of questions about it so I started asking myself, is it when I buy myself things that I love ? Or is it when I care about my body and my face?what about the days when I don't feel like exercising? or when I don't feel like keeping my everyday routine

does that mean I don't love my self ? yes, those things are great, to show us that we care about ourselves and I think it's a part of self love, but I realized self-love is way more than that. self-love is accepting yourself even though you don't feel good, you’re not energetic, or you feel sad self-love is when you care about what's on your mind by writing it to yourself, by sharing it with yourself, by communicating with yourself sometimes you would catch yourself after a writing session saying wow! do I really feel all these things Other times you would feel the complete opposite listening to yourself and accepting your thoughts each day, whether they were embarrassment, cringe, or even something you don't want to admit to yourself, that is okay, Writing your feelings and thoughts would help you to understand you ,This is a really important part of self-love so don’t be afraid of not liking what you wrote, the point is to understand it, to accept it, to make something out of it Write to connect and feel closer to yourself and trust me, even though you feel you're still the same person, you are indeed not, Looking back through your journal would prove that.

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